CustomProperties constantly updates outside of Update function, in master client?

This only happens on my masterclient, I'm unsure if it's a bug or I misunderstood how custom properties work.
I load up all my playerproperties in start, and when I comment out this method I can change the color in the inspector again without problems:

public void UploadPlayerProperties(PhotonView pv)
Hashtable props = new Hashtable() { { "colorRval", "" + PlayerColor.r },
{ "colorGval", "" + PlayerColor.g },
{ "colorBval", "" + PlayerColor.b },
{ "playerName", "" + PlayerName },
{ "playerState", "" + PlayerState },
{ "spawnTileID", "" + ""},
{ "currentTileID", "" + ""} };

So to clarify, I can't hange the color in inspector, as it will keep reloading the color I set originally.
It doesnt even matter whether I load them in or not, as soon as I call this method, despite the fact I have it in my start method, It works fine on every other client, but masterclient though, and if I load it up in Unity not being master client, it allows me to change the color of my character.
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