Hello World 2 tutorial

To whom it may concern,

You may want to take a look at version 3's Hello World 2. I am using Google Chrome and under the Events section, one of the lines is cut off (I hope I guessed correctly). I am also using VS2010 instead of 2008 so I suppose I get what I deserve for that, but...

OnStatusChanged() uses a Hashtable, but peer.opCustom uses a Dictionary for opParams.

Also, Dictionary needs the definitions <byte,object> for the declaration.

As someone evaluating this product for future use, theses kinds of errors in the documentation on the public web page make me wary. I have been a dev for *ahem* years, though, so I'll blame marketing's carelessness, not your programmer's :mrgreen:

You might want someone to go over this with a fine tooth comb, though.


  • The documentation for v3 has lots of errors. I, like you, am a dev and where do I go to evaluate a solution? The documentation.

    There are spelling mistakes and typos galore (which is livable), but there are actual errors in the code examples too. In addition to the ones you pointed out I noticed in the 'adding operations' example it is using the v2:
     &#91;RequestParameter(Code = 100, IsOptional = false)&#93; 
     &#91;ResponseParameter(Code = 100, IsOptional = false)&#93; 

    I don't think that will even compile. If I read the upgrading portion correctly it should be using:
    &#91;DataMember(Code = (byte)100, IsOptional = true)&#93;

    I'd suggest making the documentation a wiki so errors can be fixed as they are found. If vandalism is worried, then at least having a talk page or comments per documentation page would alleviate the issue by allowing users to post corrections or questions in regards to the issues.