Estimated traffic for voice chat and question on Boltvoice sample

I am implementing the BoltVoice sample into my game. I have a couple question.

1. What's the estimated traffic on voice? The Bolt plan included 3G per month. I am wondering in a 2 players situation. How much traffic will be used per minute of non-stopping chat?

2. I notice the BoltVoice sample generates a packetID by packetID++ in the voiceChatRecorder class. I wonder if the sample supports 3 or more people chatting. Since the voiceChatPlayer actually uses this packetID to be the key of a sortedList. So if 3 or more players sending a locally unique packetID to other players. This key will not be unique on the received end. Am I missing something here or it is not designed to work more than 2 players?


  • 1) You can see the traffic in the Bolt remotes window. The "traffic included" is for relay, the vast majority of connections will be made directly and does not count towards traffic.

    2. I don't recall this being an issue but I can take a look, it shouldn't be hard to fix if it isn't working with more than 2 players.

    This is a more sophisticated voice solution you can take a look at, it includes Bolt integration:
  • GilGil
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    Thanks Stanchion.

    I found that punch won't work if the device is behind the Google Wifi mesh. I am not sure if other mesh has such problem too. Not an urgent one, but appreciate if you can look into it.
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