FPS drop when deactivating gameobjects where SetAnimator has been called

I get a rather big drop in frame rate if I disable gameobjects where I have activated SetAnimator(myAnim).

When the scene is loaded I instantiate 10 BoltPrefabs and, in their Attached() function, SetAnimator is called and then the gameobject is disabled. My fps drops from 140 to less than 10 if I run in the Unity Editor. If I remove the SetAnimtor line everything is fine.

I activate / deactivate these object as they are pooled.

Is this the intended behaviour? is there a work around?

For the moment I have this workaround that at least makes it playable but I am hoping there is a better way:

private void OnEnable()
Debug.Log("I activated the animator!!");

state.Animator.enabled = true;

private void OnDisable()
if (GameManager.Instance.IsNetworkServer())
Debug.Log("I TURNED IT OFF!!");

if (state.Animator != null)
state.Animator.enabled = false;




  • Got a response from Photon Bolt Support and this is a know issue when in edit mode, works fine once the game is built. They are working on a fix for it.

    Thanks Photon Support!
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