[Resolved] Remote player shaking back and forth violently

I've been using the test project with the two humans walking around as the base for getting Photon working in my project.

I have two cars, and I'm using the SmoothFollow camera script attached to my car. In single player mode this all seems fine. Yet when a remote player joins, the remote player car shakes back and forth violently. My player view is fine and my car drives fine.

I haven't changed the code in ThirdPersonNetwork.cs much, I've left all the transform and lerp settings as they are.

I think my problem lies with the fact that on the PhotonView component on my player prefab, it observes UnityEngine.Transform, not ThirdPersonNetwork.
How do I get my PhotonView on my prefab to observe ThirdPersonNetwork? I cannot seem to drag or select anything for this other than the prefab transform.

EDIT : Ok I read how to do this. You simple drag the script header on your prefab (the bold text), onto the Observe slot :mrgreen:

All is working and we have multiplayer.. sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet :lol::lol:

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