Wich plan choose or what to do for my online game"Zombeat"

Hello,i am Eben.we are finish our game Zombeat that works as slither.io but with other game mechanic. We used unet but we want to change to photon. What do you recomend. The game is like an .io game,so i think all people know it. Now we create the matches with a windows build that is the game but its creates a host player outside of the map. So now we have the match create,so clients from apks android can find a match and go inside the game to play....we are having trouble to understand how it works this in the cloud. I mean,this matches has to be always being created if there are more players. So, how it works the executable in the cloud? 1 executable-1 match?? or 1 executable has to create more matches...? Thanks for the help! and what aboput the price in photon? because we think we are going to have lot of CCU.


  • You don't need to run a service to create rooms. At least not, if that's the only effect you want.
    Look for a match first, if there's none, create a room and let others find you:

  • But,where is the executable of the game (host) for the clients(apk android) can join the matches created? I think we need to create a masterserver that manage the matchmaking for all the players get conected in photon. and then upload to the cloud the executable (in windows for our game) that creates maches to be find by the clients(apks). im wrong in this way?
  • The Photon Cloud is that managed service that provides matchmaking and servers for gameplay. Unless you need custom server logic, you don't need to upload anything.
  • So in the photon cloud works my executable of the game made with unity and photon(masterserver) and it creates matches and more matches when necesary? and then the clients can connect to that host in the photon cloud. Now, one 1 executable creates 1 match. is better if 1 executable creates more matches?
  • Hi @eben,

    Thank you for choosing Photon!

    I think you misunderstood how PUN works.
    All Photon products except Bolt use dedicated servers only: all clients connect dedicated servers and not a host client.
    A client can create or join rooms but those rooms live on the dedicated servers and can even stay a few minutes available even if no client is joined.
  • so a client create a room? but that room it creates in the photon server?

    wich is the best plan for a .io game?
  • and...how is posible to gain money when the 1000 ccu costs 185$ ? is a little bit expensive no?
  • Hi @eben,

    We consider Photon Cloud pricing fair and reasonable compared to the competition.

    Also, 1000CCU, using our rule of thumb means:

    1000 * 20 = 20000 Daily Active Users
    1000 * 20 * 20 = 400000 Monthly Active Users

    Those are huge numbers and should bring you a lot of money unless your monetization strategy is bad and needs to be reviewed.
  • 1000 * 20 = 20000 Daily Active Users? i didnt understand well so. You mean than can play in the same day for example 12000 users,but not in the same moment more than 1000. For example, if in a day play 1200 users at the same time(ccu), i should pay 185$x2=370$. because ccu was over 1000.Is that right?
  • From our experience, we think that having X CCU means you could be having (20 * X) DAU and (400 * X) MAU. It is just an estimation and not 100% accurate.

    For example, if in a day play 1200 users at the same time(ccu), i should pay 185$x2=370$. because ccu was over 1000.Is that right?
    No if you go beyond you will need to have 2 * 1000CCU up to 5000CCU. See pricing page or send an email to [email protected] if you want to know more details about pricing.
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