Concurrent Users (CCU) doubt


I'm looking for a solution which apply to my project and i'd like an explanation about the CCU, because i'm quite confuse if 1 CCU is 1 person connecting with his phone.

My project can be compared to Ogame, Planetarion in a matter of how many people i plan to have connected, if the answer for the question above is yes, then i'd need the ultimate plan, just because of the amount of users it might be connected?


  • QziaQzia
    edited January 10
    CCU is amount of users currently connected to master server at any region. So probably this answers as "yes" and indeed you might need ultimate plan for your game.
  • When someone connects to the nameserver it registers a CCU hit. So if your game has 0 players then the CCU is 0, if there is 15 people playing then the CCU is 15. Its all based on the current active players connected to the server.
  • Our explanation for CCU is here:
    Keep in mind that CCUs are always much lower than MAU.

    Games like ogame are typically done without realtime communication. It's often easier to get developers which can do restful servers, than to get someone to do game logic in Photon.
    You can mix long term gaming (like ogame) with realtime matches easily, of course. In that case, you could use Photon for the realtime interaction / fights and a restful server for everything else.
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