PUN updated to PUN2 and timeout

I have big problem with my game... I was updated PUN to PUN2 and now:

1. make room - is ok,
2. join room by other player - is ok,
3. start game and play - is ok,
4. make new room after previous game - is ok,
5. join room - is ok,
6. start game - timeout on game loading :<

that is happend in build, but if i start game in editor without reload rigs in resources (reload i mean just click on it) it is even worst because first game is not even start... but if i reload in editor, then 2nd game is work and I don't know why it happends :< any idea? in PUN1 it was worked.


  • Hey

    I also have that same faulty behaviour, even with the demo scenes. OnConnectedToMaster never gets called back and only OnDisconnected gets called with TimeoutDisconnect is the "cause" parameter. I didn't change anything in the demo launcher scene, and when I created my own scene it also does the same thing.
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