Photon Bolt on dedicated server make no session

Hello. I am using Bolt's matchmaking for my multiplayer project in Unity 2018.2.5 . I’m using photon dedicated server instead of photon cloud, but I am having an issue with retrieving sessions created with Bolt Engine.
Here is the server-side code, where I create a session and then load a room:

BoltNetwork.SetServerInfo ("MyPhotonGame", null);

And here is the client-side code, where I retrieve the sessions and join the first one

public override void SessionListUpdated(Map sessionList)
Debug.LogFormat("Session list updated: {0} total sessions", sessionList.Count);

foreach (var session in sessionList)
UdpSession photonSession = session.Value as UdpSession;

if (photonSession.Source == UdpSessionSource.Photon)

The problem is that BoltNetwork.SessionList is always empty
When I’m using photon cloud everything working fine, the problem is when I connect to my dedicated server running on my local network.
The Host Player(first one) is connected to Loadbalancing application and playing fine, but the clients cant find any session to connect to.
In PerfMon counters shows Host and Clients connected to Photon Socket Server UDP.
Is there something I am missing or doing wrong ?
Thank you very much.


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