See knock back effect immediately on client side

Hello guys ! Currently I'm working on client side prediction of my game. I want a client to see knocked back effect on target immediately when the target gets hit by rocket. Using photon.instantiate (on master client) can achieve this , but there is a latency from player pressing shoot button to seeing the rocket projectile coming out. So I wonder if I can use client side prediction to achieve this. I've tried to move the target immediately when the client predicts hit, however due to serializing position , it just moves back and forth. Or what is the usual way to do for online games that client attack has effects on target position?


  • I asked some advices and got a way to solve this. Most of my friends said that they want to see the rocket projectile to come out immediately and when it plays the impact , target has to be knocked back right the moment. However, the impact can have delay .
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