ApplicationBase mscorlib error


I was trying out a demo test server from the "Unity Multiplayer Games" book (link) which is similar to the App From Scratch in that it extends the ApplicationBase class for the server.

However the ApplicationBase inheritance causes the following issue:
CS7069 - Reference to type 'MarshalByRefObject' claims it is defined in 'mscorlib', but it could not be found

Here is an image from my Visual Studio:

I'm trying to learn to use Photon Server for a project at university where they are asking use to create a basic MMO-like game. We decided to used Unity and found Photon as a middleware solution as it seemed relatively """simple""" to use in relation to the learning curve.

Despite a couple hours of searching around the internet, I could not manage to find any semblance of solution related to this issue.


  • hi, @gaetanlongree
    it looks like you are using netcore project, which is not supported by our sdk. Use Net Framework assembly project to create your photon application

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