Question about Server or Hosting

Hello dear
I'm new to developing games
I want to ask some questions about your service

I have a team that wants to develop online game 4 players
The problem is that I want to study the game development project fully

Let's start by asking you questions that help me:

1/ Do you have a hosting service and server server for the game?

2/ i am understanding of your service is to connect players with some of the play rooms across the network online only?

3/ What services do you offer for Database ?

4/ How can I determine the server or hosting services Good for me, Because the game that I will place ads for it, I expect to plays one million players within 24 hours every day?

5/ How can I determine the cost server and services that are sufficient for this number of players?

I hope you can help me answer my questions , I am using google translator to put my questions Because I do not speak English well,
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