Client is unable to connect to server

I am trying to find out what issues could cause this error:
ERROR-Receive issue. State: Connected. Server: 'localhost' ErrorCode: 10054 SocketErrorCode: ConnectionReset Message: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host.
System.Net.Sockets.SocketException (0x80004005): An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host.

When debugging the server code, I dont even see the client connection request hitting the CreatePeer on my ApplicationBase class.


  • hi, @mjoye

    Where do you connect - cloud or self-hosted?
    what client lib are you using?

  • mjoyemjoye
    edited October 2018
    I am connect to self-hosted. The lib I am using is the Photon3Unity3D.dll(for my unity game), and the Photon3DotNet.dll(for a simple test client that I for testing). I see nothing in any of the logs about what maybe the issue. It is not hit any of my server code. I am running the Server in VS2017(using the MMO project as example to setup the debug setting up so I can use the visual studio debugger). They are both connecting using Upd, Tcp connections are working, because in my photon applications are able to connect to each via Tcp.
  • I have been able to resolve the console application not able to connect, but I am unable to get our unity client. When we run the unity client we automatically switch into the ExceptionOnReceive state
  • Hi, @mjoye

    bin_Win64/log folder contains log file for the native part of the photon. You may find something there. Please check right after connect and share this message with us

  • @Ilya
    I was figured out the reason for the issue. There was no message or anything on the Photon Sever about the unity client connecting or trying to connect. The issue was in the unity dll for the sdk. I downloaded the Chat bundle from the asset store, which updated the dll to newest version. With this version it does not allow you use localhost as the address, but if you switch it ip address of localhost it works complete.
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