Photon -> How to send data to unity and use it in unity ( ch

This is for a first MMO Try. im new with photon
well in unity i have a function that send a command to photon.

photon server receive the command , execute it well.

now i want to send a new command to photon server to execute a sql request
and send some values to unity and use it.

can you give exemple : simple and secure.

and i want to know how do i need to make my character position ?

my first think is :
- Send character position to Photon and save it in sql
- Get All character information from photon and generate a player object for each player with flag online and do interaction with this.

But well my problems is i dont know how to receive send information from photon and receive information in unity and i dont know how to generate a object for each character received.

if anyone can help me give me a link to a tutorial give me a good theory. list of task to accomplish in good step.
a bit of code , anything will be really apprecied. well thanks !


  • Hesa,

    Have you looked at the PUN demos? They are a decent starting point and there is some info you can draw from them. Here's the link:

    They are at the asset store that is available from the Window menu within Unity or hit Ctrl 9 and the store will load. They are free.

    For me, I started with the Viking demo and worked from there.