Self hosting for large amounts of players

We have quite a heavy FPS game, we have been doing all testing on my local machine as the server. What are some of the best most affordable hosting options for hosting around 5k CCU, faced paced shooter? If I have multiple servers and I want to update the game, do I have to update every single server, that would be a nightmare?


  • Main question is, how do you handle many game server instances? If we want to push an update, etc. does every single server need to be manually updated? What are the best practices for this?

  • Hi, @Oliver123.
    We are using soft layer for hosting our servers.

    About update: yes we update servers one by one. we mark them offline and when loading is small we update it. Deploy scripts do the work. In your case, it might be different, because you have logic on your servers. Probably it might be useful/easy for you to use a different approach. Like some other big titles do. they have service time. servers are offline during this time and they may do an update easily

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    @chvetsov What type of game is running on those servers? Do you go with virtual or bare metal servers? What specs do you have per server? How many instances of can you run, per server? How much CCU do you handle, and how do you deal with spikes?

    Sorry for all the questions,

    Thanks a lot!
  • Just bumping this, does anyone else mind sharing their experience/best practices?
  • @Oliver123 we use bare metal machines which use Xeon E3-1270 v3 processors. They are able to handle up to 5K but we usually do not allow then 3K of CCU

    We run only one Gameserver per physical server.
    >how do you deal with spikes?
    not sure what do you mean here

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