send voice?

can i send voice over pun?


  • if you serialize it into bytes and think about how to reasonably compress it for sending.
    bruteforce voice input sending will kill any server and player connection
  • yes so server die? so it need to be peer-to-peer without photon network
  • No servers don't die.
    It will be the clients that drop out far earlier.

    Peer 2 peer will not solve the problem, as long as you send bytes from mic recording it will not work, never, unless you go with 2 player per game only.

    You would want to integrate a library that allows efficient voice recording. Green ear if you are on a Windows standalone project driven by unity pro would be an option or using a plugin to make use of team speak and having a teamspeak server for the voice backend would work.
  • With unity now having mic record support is this more feasible? Is there anybody that has accomplished this yet? With team speak or otherwise?
  • Its now easier to achieve but the mic support is still not VOIP targeted, so you will need to process it to get even halfway usable voip sizes.

    going with teamspeak or one of the other gamer VOIP options is a much more solid solution unless you happen to have an audio programming engineer in your team and can waste his time with reinventing the wheel

    also you don't want voip through photon anyway but through a distinct voip server, as you otherwise reduce the scaleability of your photon backend significantly (depending on how much voip is used, you cut the number of players down to 10% of the one without voip and that although you invest / waste a lot of time to even get there compared to using teamspeak etc)
  • Yeah, a lot of people say it's totally possible if you use the TeamSpeak or Mumble SDKs/Dlls as a plugin. And even though a lot of people want voice chat, nobody has actually done this as far as I can tell.

    I've been looking at the examples on the Unity website for importing external libraries and those seem pretty simple, but I just have no idea where to even begin with TeamSpeak. I'm reading through the TeamSpeak documentation now, but it has been extremely light on good examples. I feel like if there is anybody that has or can figure this out, it would be so useful to so many people.

    Dreamora, I see you over at the Unity Forums and here all the time and you're obviously quite an adept programmer, so I have to ask you if you know anybody who has done this or would be willing to help figure out a solid solution?
  • If you do a standalone build you can use Unity Pro to support it for Windows thats correct.
    And its rather simple, as its a matter of the InteropServices in .NET and DLLImport. you might even find a C# wrapper for it.

    But for no other platform you could not support it, for webplayer or flash it will never ever become possible at all for example
    Unsure on the state of them for OSX, cause you need a bundle to have unity support it, a so dyn library won't do it

    I'm not aware of anyone who did it beside AAA+ funded teams and studios which will not be in the position to share anything on the matter.
  • I have Unity Pro and no desire to use the game for webplayer or flash. So where to start?
  • You would start with downloading it, reading its documentation and writting a wrapper around it to get 'easy to use' functions to expose to your Unity side with the relevant functionality as you can't reasonably pass around the data and don't want it at all beside text chatting and channel switching / joining