PhotonNetwork.OnEventCall and Timestamps

In the project I'm working on, we only use RaiseEvent and OnEventCall. We need fine control over payload size, as there could potentially be hundreds of entities acting at once (so far, this is working pretty well in bandwidth tests).

One of the things I'm missing about using OnPhotonSerializeView is the PhotonMessageInfo parameter that gets passed in, which includes a timestamp which is useful for movement interpolation.

Is it possible to extract a reliable timestamp from eventContent? My intuition is no, and I'll need to include my own timestamp in the eventContent, since after casting to byte[], it seems to only include the data I sent in RaiseEvent. But I want to be sure I'm not packing in data that could already be somewhere in the payload (every byte counts).

In the event I do need to set up my own timestamp system, what would be the most reliable data to base this on so players remain in sync? Any insight into how Photon determines its own timestamp for use in PhotonMessageInfo would be great.

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