GameSparks vs PUN

One customer in UpWork wrote me the following sentence -
"The reason I am using Gamesparks is that there is no cost to use it up to 100k monthly users. For PUN there is only 20 CCU which I will easily go over just in beta testing."
I do not understand why such different prices? What is the key difference? Explain, please


  • Kaiserludi
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    Hi @Kurtav.

    It is true that their free plan includes more users than ours.

    From our experience one CCU equals roughly about 400 MAU for the average game. This means that their 100k MAU are comparable to 250 CCU.

    We don't offer more than 20 CCU for free, because the free plan is intended for development purposes, not for going live or for betas with lots and lots of testers.

    Also we do offer 100 CCU for a one-time payment of just 95$ for 60 months, which is less than 1.5 Cent per CCU per month.

    The interesting part is what the service costs you if your game actually becomes successful and you gain a lot of players.

    For each 1.000 CCU on Photon Realtime we charge you 185$ monthly. That is 0.185$ per CCU or 0.0004625$ per MAU.

    Gamesparks on the other hand charges 0.02$ per MAU monthly (number taken from their website). That is 8.00$(!) per CCU. And that is their Indie-princing. Their enterprise pricing is probably above that.

    So with Photon Realtime 5,000 CCU (equaling approximately 2 million MAU) cost you 925.00$ per month.
    With Gamesparks 2 million MAU (equaling approximately 5,000 CCU) of which 100,000 are free of charge means that you pay for 1.9million CCU, for which they charge 38,000.00$
  • Hi @Kurtav,

    While @Kaiserludi's response is more than enough, I would like to add the following:

    Conditions apply for the up-to-the-first-100k-MAU-free-plan of GameSparks.
    It's called "Indie & Students Programme".
    You can find details about it here.

    Our 20 free CCU plan is for everyone and there is no limit to the number of applications.