Photon Voice and asmdef


I want to use the asmdef file in Unity 2018.1 with photon voice.

I've follow this tuto for assemblies definitions for all folders included Photon Unity Networking and PUNVoice folders and plugin.

But, I've an error when its compiling (see below).
Assets/PUNVoice/Scripts/PhotonVoiceNetwork.cs(158,72): error CS0122: `PhotonNetwork.networkingPeer' is inaccessible due to its protection level

Anybody have allready test this? if yes how do you do?


  • Hi,

    Did you try to make this public?
  • Hello,

    If I change internal for public I have this error :
    Inconsistent Accessibility: Parameter type 'NetworkingPeer' is less accessible than 'PhotonNetwork.networkingPeer'.

    I change the Access modifier in NetworkingPeer.cs and I have again this error for an other class, etc.

    Anyway, I need to change two or three class and then change some parameters and functions in those class too not to have again this error.

    If I update PUN, I need start this again.
  • Yes, that means PUN does not support asmdef currently.
    Note that PUN is being refactored now. So you may need to do you fixes a bit different way for the next PUN release.