Photon voice with unity - Audio change output

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I have a project with photon voice in Unity (2018.1). I've got a question about photon voice and the audio output.

After run an exe or Unity editor, if i change the audio output in the OS (Win 10), the audio stay on the first selected audio output.
For info without photon, Unity automaticaly change audio output accordingly OS selection.

If someone have an idea how to switch audio output at runtime, i take all idea.



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    Hi @Softelectro,

    We use Unity's built-in AudioSource component for everything AudioPlayback on most platforms (Windows included).
    So we rely on Unity for this and we relay received frames to Unity.

    Unity automaticaly change audio output accordingly OS selection
    Are you sure about this? what Unity version did you use to test this and what did you test exactly? My internal tests and the internet suggest the opposite.

    You can use TestVoice scene and DebugEcho on for tests.
  • Hello,

    I redo the test and it's works Unity 2018 and photon voice 1.15.

    Last test was doing xith Unity 2017 and photon voice 1.13.

  • Hi @Softelectro,

    I'm glad to know it works for you now.
    Thank you for the update.