Local latency?

Hi all,
I just got PhotonServer running, with LoadBalancing, locally. So I have the server and 2 clients all running on a single machine..and yet from my measurements, I still get 50-100ms of ping (I implemented my own ping round-trip measurement via PunRPC). My server-authoritative prototype also feels lag, similar to using Photon's hosted server.

Is this expected? Shouldn't there be almost 0 lag if everything is local?



  • hi, @steverock

    No, it is not expected. Look at your client, how often do you call peer.Service

  • Hmm I don't know where PhotonPeer is used. Is it in the LoadBalancing example? Do I call it from my Unity scripts?
  • if you are using PUN that it should be called automatically. in load balancing excample you should be able to find it.

    just add timestamps on different stages and check later where do you spend most of the time

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