Need help with the DemoWorker

First off I love Photon and Ill be keeping it is long as possable when the beta is over. But anyways Im having MASSSIVE problems trying to remove the demoworker from the photon unity networking. No matter what I try to do to change it just error after error. And iv been looking and looking and working for three days now none stop. So either im really really dumb lol, I just cant seem to find the right forum post or site with the help for some reason, or im not doing somthing right. So if anyone could please help me with this that would be great. Im sure im not the first person with this problem once I got it solved maybe write up a nice little tutorial and post it up on the forum for the next person with my problem


  • Tobias
    It's great to read you like Photon - despite the issues with the Worker Demo.
    If you remove the Worker Demo (the complete folder from the resources, the scene, etc), then there won't be anything to "run" as game.

    I think the workflow should be like in Unity Networking:
    New scene, add empty gameobject "scripts", a PhotonView, add a script. In the script, you can connect etc, just like the Worker Demo does.

    We are working on a more extensive tutorial, too.
  • thxs ill do that when I get a chance. thankyou for the help keep up the good work guys :D