DemoChat connects with ChatAppID, own app does not.

I an connecting myself to the Photon Chat server through this:

In the DemoChat the code looks like this:

However, with the DemoChat I will get connected and will also see 2 CCU's on my Dashboard. But using my own app, I am not getting connected, I dont even see anything on the Dashboard and my chat does not work. What could be the problem here and do I need to provide more Information for this?


  • Markus
    please get back at with the appids you used and we will have a look.
  • Kaiserludi
    Hi @squeezyPig.

    Could you please verify that you call service() regularly. This is required for becoming and staying connected.
  • Hi @Kaiserludi
    Even though this is not required anymore:
    "In the latest versions of the C# SDKs this is no longer required."
    Yes, I am calling Service() in the Update() method and I do not load any scenes after connecting (/trying to connect).