Photon On-premises Server: operation Code: 227, return Code: 32762 (Failed to get server instance.)

Hi all,

I've downloaded and followed the setup instructions for creating an on-premisis server following this tutorial:

In the tutorial, we are shown how to download and setup the server, as well as what port-forwarding is required, what IP is required and we setup a simple project designed just to connect to the server we have setup. Once connected, we should load a second scene.

After much effort, I cannot connect to the server that I have setup. If I run the test app on the PC where the server is running, it cannot connect to the server at all and I get the text on screen "Peer Created" as well as the warning: "TimeoutDisconnect while connecting to: MYPUBLICIPADDRESS. Check if the server is available.".

If I run the same app on another pc, I manage to connect and load the second scene as it should do, but then I get the error: "operation Code: 227, return Code: 32762 (Failed to get server instance.)".

If I run the testclient for LoadBalencing, I get the error: "OnOperationReturn: CreateGame failed: ReturnCode: 32762 (Failed to get server instance.)".

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix or debug this issue?


  • hi, @Juan_Viewport

    it looks like you did not configured correctly your photon instance. By default sdk is configured so, that it may work on localhost, if you update GameServer/LoadBalancing.dll.config and set PublicIpAddress for GS to your internet address then it will work for your intranet

    i assume that your GS is not connected to master, that is why you get this issue
    in order to help you i need your configs and logs

  • Hi, @chvetsov

    Thanks for your answer, I tried setting my IP in the LoadBalancing .dll.config file and it appears to have done nothing. Please let me know exactly which logs / config files you are looking for and I'll happily send them your way. I've also tried setting this up on an AWS server and it has the same issue, so I'm confident that its is indeed something to do with the setup like [email protected]
    Thanks again for your help.
  • hi, @Juan_Viewport

    Please share with us PhotonServer.config, LoadBalancing.dll.config for Master and GS. We also need next logs: from deploy/log and from deploy/bin_Win64/log folders.

    if it is convinient for you you may send request to [email protected] with attached zip/7z. please refer this topic

  • Hi, @chvetsov
    Ive sent off the logs and config files to that address, thanks for your help.
  • chvetsovchvetsov mod
    edited March 21
    @Juan_Viewport i see that i've made mistake in e-mail address

    please use [email protected]

  • Hi i am having same issue, i'm running the server locally , only occasionally i am able to create room most of the time it throws this error. Should i have to send my config too?
  • Hi @para_nautilus,

    If the Game Server IP address is properly configured so both client and Master Server can reach it then maybe it's not an issue of configuration.
    See my comment here.
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