Voice and PUN License Issue

Quick question, do i need to pay for a PUN license and Voice license when im using these packages together? Or can my Voice CCU and license cover the PUN side?

Also, do i REQUIRE PUN to run Voice?


  • Hi @Gage_IAG,

    Thank you for choosing Photon!

    For the current Photon Voice package, we expect you to have two AppIDs one for PUN (or Photon Realtime) and one for Voice.
    You can, in theory, use the same AppID but you will have double CCUs.

    In the future, it will be more easy also to use Photon Voice only w/o PUN or Photon Realtime.
  • @JohnTube , Thank you, also how many users can i support per room using voice? Im sure theres alot that goes into this such as messages and whatnot but what is a soft guesstimate?
  • In theory, it's unlimited. Technically you can aim for up to 8 or 10 preferably using Audio Groups as a mean of interest management.
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