GearVR Crash on PhotonNetwork.Instantiate while using Photon Voice

I've had some problems with Photon Voice while using the GearVR. I load into the room and instantiate my player that has a Photon Voice Recorder attached to it as well as a Photon View that keeps track of the player's rotation. The game crashes and I end up back at the Oculus menus. I am connecting to my master room that was started by my PC in the editor which is broadcasting an audio track as I have no microphone. The build was working fine until I implemented Voice so I assume that must be the cause of the problem.
Annoying as it is difficult to debug the GearVR when the scene won't load to give me information and I dont have any issues with the same OVR prefabs in the editor.
Unity 2017.3.0f3
Photon Voice 1.13


  • Hi @MatthewBousfield,

    Thank you for choosing Photon!

    Can you give us logs or crash dump/report?
  • Unfortunately the only thing I can find is a manual bug report as it crashes back out to Oculus, so isn't seen as a real crash? I think that file is pretty unreadable.
    I did realise that the issue seems to be coming from when the build receives any audio as it works when I don't transmit an audio file, as my PC doesn't have a microphone no audio is transmitted. I have run the Demo Voice scene and it runs and connects but doesn't pick up any voice from the Android Audio Input. This app also crashes when I create a character that transmits an audio file. I think it crashes on the demo scene due to a Null Reference Error.

  • It is all good. I read through my debugs and found I was missing the dlls as they were conflicting which caused the crash. The reason there was no audio on one device was because I was switching scenes when the user joined the room and wasn't using PhotonNetwork.LoadLevel().
    Getting to grips with the networking a bit better now, cheers.