Player Avatar Persist after Disconnect

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Hi, I am Using PUN and PUNVoice.

Some weird things happen when I try this one out. When I stop Unity Editor my Player Avatar is persist on scene ! So when I play the scene again there's 2 Player Avatar there. But one of them is not Controlled Locally. Whats happening ?

When I stop the Editor I added PhotonNetwork.Disconnect. the PunVoice is disconnected. but my PlayerAvatar is persist. after a while the PlayerAvatar Destroy themself. Why ? my playerTTL is 1000ms, RoomTTL is 3000ms. I replay the scene after 4 secs++ delay


  • Hi @metallizard,

    It's difficult for me to understand the issue you are trying to describe.

    You have two clients: Unity Editor and a build.
    What do you mean by "Player Avatar"?

    Did you try calling Disconnect without quitting or stopping the Editor?
    What happens if you stop or quit the other client and keep the one in the Unity Editor running?
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