Photon Voice and PUN Requirements


Just would like to know the requirements to use Photon Voice and what i would from the PUN side.

Also, im stuck using Unity v 2017.2.0p2, is there any way to get an archived Photon version?


  • Hi @Gage_IAG,

    Thank you for choosing Photon!

    What package did you import?
    What errors did you see?

    Latest Photon Voice (v1.13) already includes PUN (v1.87).
    Latest PUN is v1.88.
  • No errors, I simply am using a different version of unity and need to have a version of photon that works with it. The PUN menu item isnt even showing so there is no punwizard or anything when i use current version of photon with 2017.2.0p2.
  • Or should i say a version of photon voice since it includes pun that supports 2017.2.0p2
  • Yes, I can confirm that Photon Voice 1.13 works on Unity 2017.2.0f3.
    You can ignore the (4 or 5) warnings in there.
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