A simple Question regarding 'players' in a room


Regarding this quote in the Photon Engine FAQ

What is the maximum number of players supported by Photon rooms?

The number of players is the main factor for increasing traffic inside the room. The more players there are the more messages are exchanged.

The short answer is:

4 is good, 8 is doable, above 10 is tricky and requires some netcode magic.

The long answer is:

In theory, there is no limit. If you target rooms with more than 8 players talk to us and be ready to allocate time and money for optimization.
Under what definition is this 'player'? A FPS game with a single transform replicated or a RTS game with hundreds of units with each transform replicated?


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    Hi @Bytewizards_SE,

    Thank you for choosing Photon!

    A "player" is a client joined to the room, an active CCU.

    It's not a networked object or a game character (playable or non-playable) etc.

    Here is why we gave those numbers:

    Let's say in your game every player sends updates (via RaiseEvent operation or equivalent in PUN) to player(s) inside the same room X times per second.
    We have a soft limit of 500 messages per second per room.
    Here is how to calculate the number of messages per room per second per target:

    - broadcast (all includes sender): N * X * (N + 1)
    - multicast (others): N² * X
    - unicast (single player): N * X * 2

    So you can now replace N with 4 or 8 and X with 15 or higher "tick rate".
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    Hi @JohnTube and thank you for your reply.

    Yes, it makes sense.

    I have (atleast) one followup question:
    Can we control these messages? Can we pack the delta-positions of 500 archers in one single message?

    Let me rephrase this:
    Is it even feasible to aim for an RTS/Squad/Unit-based game using PUN?
  • Hi @Bytewizards_SE,

    I'm not an expert but here is my opinion.

    Is it even feasible to aim for an RTS/Squad/Unit-based game using PUN?

    Yes, it should be possible and the task will be easier if you already have some experience in the field.
    Did you consider TrueSync? I mean the idea of sync. input only?
  • I just got my eyes on Photon Engine and I haven't read up on all the technologies yet but Input Sync would work.

    Thank you for your support so far
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