Questions about BOLT: Dedicated server and CCU

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Hi, i have some questions before buy the Bolt.

- If i'm not using the relay service i'll be charged by CCU? (According to this thread seems like not, but i want to confirm that)

- Can i use the BOLT to completely replace the PUN?

I'm asking this, because for now PUN is ok, but in the future i want some 'CCU free' servers for my game, i'm using Amazon Web Services for almost everything, so for me would be great if i can host the servers on my own.

Best Regards,
Dênis Fernandes


  • Please read

    Bolt and PUN are very different and switching from one to the other should mostly be seen as a rewrite of your game.
  • Hmm ok thank you for your answer.

    Well, i really need to rewrite all the multiplayer layer of my game (Currently is a UFPS + PUN from assetstore) because i want something more fast-paced and responsive, so let's say i'm willing to rewrite the multiplayer part of the game, i'll be able to completely replace PUN with BOLT?

    Thank you!
  • Yes you can remove PUN then network it with Bolt.
  • stanchion said:

    Yes you can remove PUN then network it with Bolt.

    Ok, thank you for the info.
    Markus said:
    Well, so i'll be paying the assetstore license + CCU even if i won't be using your paid services? Sorry but i'm still confused.

    Thanks again,
    Dênis Fernandes

  • @Weendie_Games No problem, which of the reasons for our pricing we give in the blog confuse you?
  • Well, i think not is for free in this world.. and i agree with it. But i'm prioritizing a "one time pay" solution to make my servers, so wanted to be sure about the monthly costs.

    Doing my research i can't find any good solution so probably i'll stick with Bolt anyway.. you should consider a one time pay model too. I rather pay 2k once than create long time commitments :)
  • Sure, it is easier to calculate with a one-time payment. However, this one-time payment would have to be a lot higher, so that we can base an ongoing business on it (support, bug fixes, new features, servers, ...). Many, especially new, devs/teams would not be able to manage that high up-front cost.
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    That's a good point.

    To make clear, right now i'm just an indie gamedev on my garage and for sure your payment model is the best option right now.

    But, thinking foward, years after the release of my game, wil come the time to shutdown servers and move on, I want to somehow give away the server stuff to the players host the game for themselves and this way keep a longer life cycle to the multplayer, so right now this is not possible. (As said before anyway probably i'll be using Bolt)

    EDIT: My point is: if someday my game got his "big break" would be useful if you had this "one time payment" for a really high price
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