MMO or Loadbalancing?


Newbie question...if I'm trying to develop a game where ultimately (if successful) lots of players want to log in (5000+), do I want to start using Photon with the MMO code or the load balancing code? I looked at the docs and I don't see a section for load balancing so I'm wondering where to start.

Thanks for any help!


  • dreamora
    Both, neither, ... there is no answer to that.
    The architecture is fundamentally different, because load balancing is 'just' a multi server version of the Lite Room concept while the MMO is not balancing but it uses interest areas as required for an MMO

    so in the end it could be that one suites (both can't be suitable at the same time) or that neither of them fits your needs
  • Tobias
    Is the plan is to have 5k players in one world, you will need some kind of interest management. This is a difficult to understand and to solve task though and if you say you're newbie, don't start with that. Get into multiplayer programming with lower player numbers and get to know the issues those will bring up. Then go on.