In 2D,rotate around a point

Hi,Is it a way to rotate a object around a point(not its pivot) in 2d?Just like Transform.RotateAround()in unity.I try to set an empty parent,but it didn't work.


  • I try to write the "RotateAround" myself(I think it's not difficult),and I found I can't set the velocity of a child object,it doesn't work at all.I know you focus on the core in TrueSync.Will it slove some strange problem like this in the next release?I hope I can slove the problem after checking the farseer engine.
  • Hello @kidd5368, if you have a hierarchy of colliders (you mention a parent object) then it is created by TrueSync a constraint to alway set the position of the children related to the first offset child <-> parent. You can see this at Physycs2DWorldManager. If you don't have this situation did you try to set the velocity and it didn't work or you couldn't even set the new velocity? (no set method).
  • Hi,@JeffersonHenrique,thanks for your reply.Yes,the parent object has the collider because I need the rigidbody component.I will try to check the Physics2DWorldManager.It's different from unity physics.I think the constraint limits a lot,I want to make the relationship between parent and child more unrestrained,just like in unity.What's the consequences if I remove the constraint.Will it leads to desync or cause some complicated problem?
  • I hope the relationship between parent and child object can be more similar with unity in the next
    release.A little advise,thanks to your work. ;) ;)
  • Sure @kidd5368, the idea is always target Unity, as some concepts are more complicated to do in a first cycle in prioritize other features, thanks for the suggestion.