Cribbage Pro Released on Photon

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Our card game "Cribbage Pro" has been around for a while, and with online multiplayer for quite some time as well now, but on a different platform for multiplayer (I wont bash the competition here). This last week we released an update which switches everyone over to Photon, and things have gone really well with great feedback from our users. A big shout out to the great support here at Exit Games as well as without the great help it would have taken a lot longer. So far we are very impressed and things are going well.

Check us out at available on all iOS and Android based devices, and hopefully more to come later.

This is not running on Photon 3 yet, but I'm sure we will likely move to that next year for some of the features.

Thanks all,
Josh Fuller
CEO, Fuller Systems, Inc.


  • Thanks for the feedback! And congratulations for getting the game updated.