Does TrueSync support reconnect?

I'm working on a game where reconnecting after a disconnect is crucial. Does TrueSync support any kind of scenarios for reconnecting after a disconnect?


  • Nope, none whatsoever.
    edited September 2017
    So... this means that for now
    - No dynamic connections
    - No reconnections

    Would be great to hear any feedback from developers about this inconvenience. Guys, please, dont be cruel and tell us that this is just temporerily, because otherwise there will be no way to make a lot of cool games. I'm seriously think that this system is too promising, and is developing not just for creating 2D PingPong for two persons...
  • Hello @NBGYALTA, we have all the time this in mind, I agree with about that inconvenience, we have some work in progress to increase a lot of performance in the simulation of frame, but as we don't have that for now it is not feasible to accept reconnections, it would take a lot of time to the all players being in sync when a new one arrive.