Problem with PhotonView.RPC

hi, i am new to unity and photon networking and i am converting my Maltiplayer game made using ultimate unity networking into Photon networking. with the tutorial(came with sdk) i have converted my all unity networking code to photon networking using photon converter. i have fixed all the bugs but at runtime i have having problem with PhotonView.RPC method. it is giving me this error.

"PhotonView with ID 1000 has no method "SetCurrentCharacter" that takes 0 argument(s):" and my code is as follows.
void SetupAvatar(int characterId)
       if (character != null)
       character = (GameObject)PhotonNetwork.Instantiate(characterPrefabs[characterId],, Quaternion.identity, 0);

       // Sync Avatar configuration
       if (PhotonNetwork.isNonMasterClientInGame || PhotonNetwork.isMasterClient) {
         Debug.Log("Before Set Current character!!!");
         photonView.RPC("SetCurrentCharacter", PhotonTargets.AllBuffered);

    void SetCurrentCharacter(PhotonViewID characterViewId)
       Debug.Log("Set Current Character Method!!!");
       PhotonView view = PhotonView.Find(characterViewId.ID);

       if (view == null)

       character = view.gameObject;
       character.transform.parent = transform;
       character.transform.localPosition =;
       character.transform.localRotation = Quaternion.identity;

       _animation = character.animation;
       if (_animation != null)
         enabled = true;
i do not know how to get the photon View id so i can pass it as a parameter in this method.

any help will be greatly appreciative. thanks.