Photon Server VS Photon Cloud with Webhooks

Hi! I'm now looking for options for developing a real-time room-based multiplayer game (MOBA).
I need the server to be partially authoritative - I don't need it to check physics, but it should validate players' input, to prevent cheating. And it would be perfect to share code with logic between client (Unity, C#) and server. So I'd like to write server logic in C#.

The 2 options I found for that are:
1. Use Photon Server, host it myself and customize the LoadBalancing application, include authoritative server logic there.
2. Use Photon Cloud, setup backend on Microsoft Azure Websites and setup Webhooks on Photon Cloud to that backend.

The 2nd option seems better for me since I don't need to care about hosting and scaling. Photon Cloud is hosted for me, and Azure Websites have support for automatic scaling, I don't need to setup individual Virtual Machines.

But the question is: is it possible to implement authoritative server logic with Webhooks? What is its performance in real-time? Are there any limitations?
What approach would you suggest?


  • hi, @alandyshev

    i would recommend neither of this two approaches.
    1. is quite complex. it is working, but it may slowdown your develpment process because you need to understand quite big code base and different tricks it has
    2. second, IMO, is not really suitable for realtime games. webhooks send HTTP requests to some external server, it handles request and sends something back. this is very time consuming. well, if it is ok for you then go ahead

    I would recommend for you just plugins. code base is smaller, you get control over what is going on in game. you react faster, you still may send something to some external http server. and you may rent enterprise cloud and we will mange it. you will be responsible only for plugin update.

  • Thanks a lot! Will look through plugins.
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