Free license 100 ccu limit notification

How are you notified when you are exceeding 100 ccu. Does the servers block any other player from connecting. Do you get any sort of warning or message?
How do you know when you've reached the limit?

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  • new connections are refused -> they are kicked out directly again

    As you wouldn't use the 100CCU for production use you should know when you approach that point, but you can track it through the counters if you want
  • In the cloud, we're currently not limiting the user count.

    If you host yourself with the 100 CCU license, you should have a look at the counters. This can be done through "Perfmon" or the Dashboard:

    So far, the license CCU limit is a hard limit. Your clients get a "special" disconnect directly after connect.
    The status code (used in OnStatusChanged()) is DisconnectByServerUserLimit = 1042. The Unity NetworkingPlugin does not yet provide a fitting callback event.