[Solved] PUN v1.3 RPC don`t send.

Hi. I use photoncloud. When I send RPC sometimes do not get a response. This happens from time to time. Other players also can not RPC. For what it may be the reason? Sorry for my bad English. ;)
function ApplyDamage (damage: float){	
		photonView.RPC(RPCName.ApplyDamagePlayer,photonView.owner, damage);
	function ApplyDamagePlayer (damage: float, info: PhotonMessageInfo) { 
// Don't Response


  • dreamora
    I would check for 2 things:

    1. do you get an error for view not found in sending or receiving side?
    2. check if the view really has an owner thats not a scene (shouldn't be the case normally but who knows)
  • Problem solved, it was a stupid mistake in my client code.