Photon stuck state after connection failure

My method for testing connection issues handling is unplug and plug back the usb wifi.
I just want to handle failures.

Sometimes this works fine, photon shows some errors, but I can connect back.
Other times, and its very often, it gets stuck as:
connection state detailed: connectedToNameServer
connection state: connected
connecting: true
connected: false
connectedAndReady: false

Is that a valid state? Its not tryng to connect anymore, as it never progresses from there.
Im not sure what I should do to handle this. Im not even sure how to detect this.
I will need a timer and assume Im stuck and force disconnect to try to connect..?


  • JohnTubeJohnTube mod
    edited June 2017
    Hi @Suminsky,

    Thank you for choosing Photon and I apologize about the delay (bookmarked this but forgot to reply).

    Thank you for your report and we are aware of similar issues.
    Here is what my colleague @jeanfabre answered on this other discussion:
    as for the connection status, we did find some inconsistency when you check for some connection status, this is fixed internally and will be there for the next update, however, all photon callbacks work fine so rely on them instead of variables to be sure while waiting for the next version on the asset store.
    Hopefully a new package will be available after Unite, probably early next week.
    But solution for you is to rely on callbacks only and maybe use your own custom flags for connections status/state meanwhile.
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