Question about LoadBalancing setting

Hello, Exit Games!

Once again this inexperienced programmer needs your help regarding the setting for the LoadBalancing.
Basically we are using AWS autoscaling to scale up and down the Game Server.

Question is can we set the LoadBalancing so that Master only creates room in Game Server 1 until a certain threshold (CPU) and then above 60% Master will send the rest to the Game Server 2. So that if we scale it down below for example 30% CPU usage it won't just kill the Server when the player still playing in the Game Server 2.
So when Game Server 1 CPU is below 60%. Master won't create any more room in Game Server 2 and we can scale it down gracefully.

Many Thanks.


  • hi, @sryan

    phtoon 4 does not have anything to resolve this. Photon 5 beta has but this is not documented anywhere. And you also will need to add configuration for this.

    so, LoadBalancer in Photon 5 has server priorities. They are supposed to do exactly what you want.

    once the load of main pool of servers reaches some threshold LoadBalancer will take servers from pool with higher priority. Once it also loaded it will take next priority and so one.
    Similar in opposite direction. Once cluster loading reaches some low value, game servers with highest priority are excluded and so one.

    so, in photon 5 you have to set next two properties for LoadBalancer:
    - PriorityDownThreshold - defines the load value when servers with higher priority are excluded from available servers pool
    - PriorityUpThreshold - defines the load value when servers with higher priority are included into available servers pool

    you have to take care about those values, so that when you add new servers load does not fall below PriorityDownThreashold and when you remove priority servers load of remaining servers should not reach PriorityUpThreshold.

    On GameSever-side you have to set priority. in settings section Photon.LoadBalancing.GameServer.GameServerSettings please add LoadBalancerPriority settings. 0 is default value. It is for first level servers. so, use 1, 2, 3 and so on.

    hope this helps.