Photon Voice Optimization

I'm getting a lot of Garbage Collection and MS cost from PhotonVoiceHandle.Update() [PunVoice]: DispatchIncomingCommands GC.Alloc()

Anyway to reduce the cost here?


  • Hi @seanybaby2,

    Thanks for your report!

    This is not Photon Voice specific but rather Photon Realtime and Photon Unity library related.
    We always want to make our product leaner and better.
    We're not sure how we can optimize this further.
    We're open to suggestions.
    We will look into it though.
  • We are working on it. The frames that Voice has to send are just byte arrays, which we plan to pool and reuse for incoming data. This is optional but Voice should possibly use it by default.
  • Gotcha I can look into this. I think I'm on a slightly older version of Pun Voice. One released in 2018 possibly. Think updating will make a difference?
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