CCU Bots protection.

I am curious about Photon protection against bots. Lets assume that you have license for 500 CCU, and someone is running 500 bot instances of your game blocking game for human users. Is there any protection for this kind of situations?
There could be answer "just don't allow running multiple game instances", but as you probably now, there will be workaround for every simple protection..


  • Hi @Ponyfail,

    Thank you for choosing Photon!

    Your question is good.
    Did you consider custom authentication and blocking unwanted or unauthorized clients?
  • Could always as well have a backend system that detects how many times an IP has connected, then block anymore login attempts until a free slot is available through your IP. E.G. - If you disconnected, open a slot... How many slots you'd want, is up to you. I'd say 1, but then again, might have family, etc. On the same network.
  • How the custom auth will help? You mean one should be forced to login and then how one tell that all requests are legitimate or not?
    If they start to call so many functions and staying connected then they will increase the CCU and make us pay! How can we avoid this?
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