PUN + WebGL ?

Hello Photon Community,

I am very curious to know if anyone knows if Photon Unity Networking will support Unity 5's WebGL Platform?

Sadly Google Chrome and probably Firefox will Pull the Plug on NPAPI after this year, and Unity has already announced WebGL Support. Which is Great! But for those of us who are using Photon Unity Networking + Unity Web Player, will Photon Support WebGL, if so when can we expect more details?

Thanks all...


  • We will definitely look into supporting WebGL players and if there is any way to get this done, PUN will become compatible with it.

    I don't think the webplayer will go away that soon. My guess is that Google and Mozilla will come up with new APIs to include plugins in the browser. It sounded like the intention was to get rid of age-old Netscape APIs.
  • Thanks Tobias! = )

    I look forward to the Future of WebGL + Photon
  • Is this supposed to be working now? With what version of Unity / Photon? Or does it have an ETA?
  • vadimvadim ✭✭✭
    Latest PUN from Asset Store supports WebGL Of course you need Unity Editor supporting WebGL
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