Creating/joining a room "stalls"/times out [SOLVED]

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I have an issue where all clients reach the point where they want to create/join a room and times out. They successfully join the master server and informs it that they want to create/join and joins the game server where it fails. So far I have only gotten it to happen when I have >~100 users playing.

I can also mention that before this happens the server, with regular intervals, does not sent out messages causing lag spikes on the client side. This is a global event - it happens for everyone/all games at the same time.

To me it seems like the problem lies in creating the room. I have two logs, one when a room starts getting created and one when it has been created. These two logs are sometimes 1 minute apart, which obviously times out the peers.

Here is a snippet from the game log file:

If more information is needed I will do my best to provide.

It would help me tremendously if someone could point in some direction of where to look for issues.

My own code was at fault..
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