Using Photon Voice with self hosted Photon Server

Hello guys,
I want to use Photon Voice in combination with my self hosted Photon Server. Is this even possible? I tried to figure it out yet, but failed to make it work. Im using Photon Voice1 and Photon Server 4.0.28...
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  • Hi @fanatix,

    Thank you for choosing Photon!

    Yes, you can.
    What did you try exactly?
  • Hello John,
    I'm trying to set up Photon Voice1 to work with my self hosted Server. For some reason it appears to not work correctly, i will attach the Log aswell. I'm connected to the server as you can see in the log. I'm printing out isPlaying and isTransmitting to see if something happens - istransmitting is true but isplaying never gets true.

    My instantiated Object has photon view and photon voice speaker / recorder on it - voice recorder source set to microphone, microphone type set to Photon (tried with Unity aswell - didn't work).
    I have a Photon Voice setting component in the scene with auto transmit true and mic type set to Photon aswell.

    I don't know where to look anymore, since it looks like I'm connected to the voice server and transmitting.
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    Phil log

  • Hi @fanatix,

    What do you expect? Do you get the same behaviour when connecting to Photon Cloud?
    Are you using our demos?
    What Photon Voice version is this?

    Are you testing from one client or from two?
    If you test with one client and want to hear yourself taking then you need to set PhotonVoiceRecorder.DebugEchoMode = true.
  • Hello John,
    thanks for your reply and sorry for not submitting all the information u need right away.

    -I didn't check it with connecting to the cloud yet - since I need to set up a own server, this is not really a choice (i get it for debug purpose).

    -I tried the p2t and the other voice demo, what happened was that as soon another player connects to the server, Im not able to talk anymore.

    -It is Photon Voice 1 (again, sorry for missing information)

    -I'm testing from 2 separate clients in the same network ( sometimes with just 1 clients - 2 executables)

    I'ma check out the debug mode and see if it works on just one client.

    When u check the log i posted above, is it normal to get debug logs every second of this "LastRoundTripTime is suspicious"?

    Best regards,
  • JohnTubeJohnTube mod
    edited February 19
    Hi @fanatix,

    Maybe the volume is too low OR because characters are far away from each other they can't hear each other. Use first person camera or set AudioSource.spatialBlend to 0 or move characters close to each other.
    Also, try connecting to Photon Cloud to see if it works there.

    Can you make sure clients have a UserId before connecting try to set one, example:

    PhotonVoiceNetwork.Client.UserId = Guid.NewGuid().ToString();

    To avoid the "LastRoundtripTime is suspicious" log spam update to latest Photon Voice 1 (1.18) which should have the Photon3Unity3D,.dll with version

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