Android C ++ Realtime client compatibility with NDK r18.


This is for the Android C ++ Realtime client. I am using Android Studio and Photon-AndroidNDK-Sdk_v4-1-11-2. I upgraded my NDK to r18 and got the following errors:

*** Android NDK: APP_STL gnustl_static is no longer supported. Please switch to either c++_static or c++_shared. See for more information. . Stop.

The release notes for NDK r18
“gnustl, gabi++, and stlport have been removed.”

For my project I don’t care about what version of NDK i use just as long I get photon to work. So, I downgraded to r17 and my project is ok.

I just wanted to let photon know that I don’t think Photon-AndroidNDK-Sdk_v4-1-11-2
is compatible with NDK r18.



  • Hi @GreenRollingHills.

    The Photon SDK for Android NDK supports both, gnustl_static (libstdc++) and c++_static (libc++). The build variants of the prebuilt libs that have a "_lib_c++" in their filenames have been built against c++_static, while the ones that do not contain "_lib_c++" in their filenames have been built against gnustl_static.

    You simply need to make sure that your app links against the "_lib_c++" variants of the libs when it uses c++_static itself.
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