Old Lite Lobby and WebGL

I have one old Unity project with Photon Server v3.4, where is implemented Lite Lobby solution. I would like to ask you, is there any way, how can I run this project in WebGL ?

From what I know, Photon server 3.4 does not support WebGL and Lite Lobby does not work for me with Photon server v4.


  • chvetsovchvetsov mod
    edited June 2018
    hi, @Anty.

    We did support WebSockets but made some fixes in Photon 4. Photon 3.4 is not supported anymore. so I would say you need to upgrade

  • So there is no option, how to run lite lobby in Photon Server v4, right ?
  • well, I do not know what you mean under Lite lobby. it would be good to understand what are you doing to get lobby working.

    usually, we recommend next scenario for lobbies. you join a lobby, try to join a random game if there is no match, you create the new one. if you subscribe for updates this way to kill a connection between client and server - too many data for big titles.

  • Hi @Anty,

    "Lite Lobby" application is old and is now replaced with "Master Server" application.
    "Lite Lobby" is a v3 application so I'm not sure if you can run it on v4.
    As my colleague @chvetsov already suggested, we highly recommend you migrate to Photon v4.
  • OK, thank you for answers
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