Custom Authentication and On-Premises server issues


We're currently evaluating photon server on an On-Premises machine (technically on fast-hosts, but the point is it isn't photon cloud!), probably intending to move to the enterprise cloud model later. I've been implementing custom authentication today and hit upon a brick wall, and am beginning to question whether it is even supposed to work with an on-premises setup.

I have what initially appeared to be a working system, with a node based server with an auth end point, which (simplified to remove the actual auth bit) looks like this:
        //endpoint for photon custom authentication. provides secret, account and token,
        //and expects back a response with a 'ResultCode' in, 0 meaning success
        this.router.get('/photon/auth',defaultauth,photonauth,(req,rsp) => {
            log.msg(`GET photon-auth account=${req.query.account}, token=${req.query.token}`);
		    rsp.send({ ResultCode: 0, UserId: req.query.account });
and the server config has the correct AuthSettings enabled, pointing at the correct path.

The connection code that sets up the auth params is as follows:

        AuthenticationValues auth = new AuthenticationValues();
        auth.UserId = m_userid;
        auth.AddAuthParameter("account", m_userid);
        auth.AddAuthParameter("token", m_usertoken);
        auth.AuthType = CustomAuthenticationType.Custom;
        Connect(m_address, "our-photon-app-id", "1.0", m_nickname, auth);
I have verified that on connection my end point is called, the correct stuff is logged, and that by making my end point return { "ResultCode": 1 } I can prevent the client connecting, but by making it return { "ResultCode": 0 } I get a connection. In general, this all looks like it's working perfectly.

However, when I eventually go to call "OpJoinOrCreateRoom" on our version of the LoadBalancingClient, it receives:
[Photon] Op response op=226, ret=-3
Which I believe is authorisation failed when attempting to join game. It then simply sits in the "ConnectedToMasterServer" state forever.

I have verified it is ready before attempting to join, and (just to test it), tried leaving a 10s delay between successful connection and the join request, but the results point at a logic issue, not a timing one.

From staring at the load balancer code and some educated guessing, I get the impression our client is never receiving a token, which I believe is then required to connect to game servers. Certainly the Authenticate operation response is being received, but it does not contain a "ParameterCode.Secret" parameter.

Can anyone advise? Is this simply a photon cloud only feature? Is there some extra settings I have to configure for it to work on premises?




  • extra note as I can't see how to edit posts... just re-read that and it sounds grumpy - fyi, not grumpy, just stuck :)
  • Wow - after several hours, I finally found it, and I feel like a dope. The issue was I returned a 'ResultCode' of 0, not 1, on successful login.

    Clearly that's my fault, but if any of the photon team are listening, it would be great if the system reported that as an error of some form (or at least hinted it'd happened) - the fact that it reported success threw me off quite a bit (especially as traditionally a result of 0 means success!).
  • Hi @ChrisCummings,

    Thank you for choosing Photon!

    I'm glad you finally solved this.
    especially as traditionally a result of 0 means success!
    Yes you may be right. The thing is '0' is also for "success" but it means half the auth. process is done and you get some data from the auth. provider that you need to complete the auth. As it is used for two-legged or two steps authentication
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