Photon connect to the most populated region?

I want the players to connect to a region where the most players are available.

Is that possible do this with some settings?



  • Hosting settings is on Best Region, I want the players to join auto to a region where the most players available.
  • Your players will not suffer? 300+ ping in your game is fine?
    You can set one default region (EU) and connect all playes to this region.
  • Hi @Zoriak,

    Thank you for choosing Photon!

    Players should connect to the closest region with best/lowest ping.
    We do not offer what you want.
    It is not recommended but you could achieve it yourself if you insist.
    You need a client that connects to each region and gets App Stats than compares them.

    Or as @OneManArmy already suggested, just connect to a single region.
  • OneManArmy's solution was perfect. It's not a huge problem for me if players have a little bit high ping since my game is just a simple multiplayer game, not complicated like an FPS.

    Thanks for the answers!
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