Multilayered lobbying system

I am currently working with a VR project, in which players automatically join a room that functions as a lobby (say 8 players per lobby). From there players will be moved into game rooms (max 2 players) where they will play their game, then they are returned to the lobby room.

The game room is saved as a separate scene from the lobby room. My current approach is to call a function when the player goes to change rooms which swaps the room to be auto joined when the player connects, then have that player leave their current room, which should put them in the photon lobby and then automatically into a game room.

How do I assign the scene for the room to load when setting up my game room in my network controller script, if this approach is even sensible? Otherwise, if you could point me towards a better solution that would also be greatly appreciated. I've tried reading the documentation for anything I thought might be relevant but have come up short.


  • Unfortunately Photon doesn't support this kind of feature. I've asked about the same thing. :(

    Besides the suggestions in that post, you can also fiddle around with PhotonPlayer's custom properties. Create/save a reference to the room you're going to create/join (not sure how you'll get reference to Photon roomlist though, that's strictly a Lobby feature. You may very well end up having to use an outside party to hold reference to your room list).
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